In the first week of March the VRBASE (Amsterdam/Berlin) sent out a collective call for VR companies that would like to exhibit their work at CeBIT. Even though it was very last minute it seemed like a great chance and DutchVR decided to attend the trade show. We attended CeBIT all 5 days from the […]


Yesterday on the 21th of Februari we(DutchVR) went to an event organised by the Hague community called WerkTOP. For this event we made a VR app with 360 videos of various people that found work through social employers. The strong points of the app lie in the voice over that explains a bit about the […]

Rotterdam Social Media Week

21/22/23 DutchVR attended the Social Media Week in Rotterdam. We gave demo’d the HTC Vive with Tilt Brush. Tilt Brush is a very simple application that feels amazing in VR, In Tilt Brush you can paint everywhere around you by moving one of the controllers and you can pick various brushes and colors by pointing […]

VR Days

The 4th and 5th of November I attended the VR Days as part of DutchVR which was held in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark. We decided to work on a new experience to showcase the importance of multiplayer in Virtual Reality. Prior to the event we dabbled in multiplayer code with UNet to create a small escape room, […]

Generation Discover

At the end of August/beginning of September the Museon (Scientific Museum for children) asked us at DutchVR if we could make an interesting app for the event Generation Discover. Last week (3/4/5/6/7 October) was hot, rainy and exhausting but we pulled through and gave 1000’s of kids a kick-ass VR experience. Not only VR but […]

Graduation Day!

After 6 years and a little more I closed a chapter in my life. From today onwards I can call myself a Bachelor of Science! Although I officially finished everything last year, there was no earlier date at which I could formally recieve my degree.

Last days at Axendo

After half a year of commuting to Amersfoort/Leusden, my internship at Axendo came to an end. This past year I worked on the Kinect game “Schatteneiland” for their platform Kinemoto. I had a lot of fun engaging with my colleagues at Axendo and I will definitely use the experience I gained there in the future!

Congrestival 2015

For my internship at Axendo I attended the event Congrestival . We demonstrated a new Kinemoto application where visitors could create a digital postcard. The postcard is created by cutting out the user like with a greenscreen and adding various visual elements to it.

Tabletop Simulator

I have not actually played this game yet, but one of the most interesting things that happen in this game is the fact that the players have control over the rules. Board games have a sense of fun that happens outside of the limitations created by the game’s designers. It is really hard for game […]

Explaining Hexadecimal numbering system

Disclaimer: This post is actually from quite a long time ago but I never got around to update it and I don’t remember what I wanted to convey with this blog post.   In the past I had quite some difficulty with the different number systems. You will definitely get in touch with Binary and […]