Bitwise Tilemaps

Here is a technique that I have been wanting to use in my projects for a while: Bitwise Tile Generation. It’s usefull to add some flavor to your world/level. Basically you use a full tileset for the grass or platformer tiles in your game and you calculate if there are similair tiles next to each […]

Magic Counter App

Lately I have been looking at interesting apps in the Google Play store. Among the subjects I was looking at there were a few apps for the Trading Card Game: “Magic the Gathering”.  There were a few alternatives however I decided to focus on the app that had the highest rating since the app with […]

Where is my save file?

Ever since software like Steam and Desura has been gaining users the PC-Gaming Market has been growing once again. Even though we have a lot of users and a growing variety of things available there are a few things we don’t have. And one of those is a standard for save files. On my own […]

Mining and Crafting

Realism vs. Logical progression A staple of games with crafting as a major focus these days is mining. Mining is often done by finding a location with specific metal ores and gathering them. After that you smelt them into bars and you can further refine those bars into a variety of equipment, weapons or accessories. […]

Came back from Xiamen

An amazing half year passed by in the blink of an eye, but alas I am back in the Netherlands once again. This past half year I spent my days doing a project for Check-IT together with Chinese students from Xiamen University. My group worked on a game called Garden Escape. Garden Escape is a […]

Going to China

On the 21th of February I will throw myself in the deep, and take the plane to Xiamen! Xiamen is a small place near the sea in China’s Fujian province. From then on I will spend a whole semester doing a project with students from Xiamen University. At the information days we got a few […]