Tabletop Simulator

I have not actually played this game yet, but one of the most interesting things that happen in this game is the fact that the players have control over the rules. Board games have a sense of fun that happens outside of the limitations created by the game’s designers. It is really hard for game […]

Bitwise Tilemaps

Here is a technique that I have been wanting to use in my projects for a while: Bitwise Tile Generation. It’s usefull to add some flavor to your world/level. Basically you use a full tileset for the grass or platformer tiles in your game and you calculate if there are similair tiles next to each […]

Where is my save file?

Ever since software like Steam and Desura has been gaining users the PC-Gaming Market has been growing once again. Even though we have a lot of users and a growing variety of things available there are a few things we don’t have. And one of those is a standard for save files. On my own […]

Mining and Crafting

Realism vs. Logical progression A staple of games with crafting as a major focus these days is mining. Mining is often done by finding a location with specific metal ores and gathering them. After that you smelt them into bars and you can further refine those bars into a variety of equipment, weapons or accessories. […]