In the first week of March the VRBASE (Amsterdam/Berlin) sent out a collective call for VR companies that would like to exhibit their work at CeBIT. Even though it was very last minute it seemed like a great chance and DutchVR decided to attend the trade show. We attended CeBIT all 5 days from the […]

VR Days

The 4th and 5th of November I attended the VR Days as part of DutchVR which was held in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark. We decided to work on a new experience to showcase the importance of multiplayer in Virtual Reality. Prior to the event we dabbled in multiplayer code with UNet to create a small escape room, […]

Graduation Day!

After 6 years and a little more I closed a chapter in my life. From today onwards I can call myself a Bachelor of Science! Although I officially finished everything last year, there was no earlier date at which I could formally recieve my degree.

Last days at Axendo

After half a year of commuting to Amersfoort/Leusden, my internship at Axendo came to an end. This past year I worked on the Kinect game “Schatteneiland” for their platform Kinemoto. I had a lot of fun engaging with my colleagues at Axendo and I will definitely use the experience I gained there in the future!

Congrestival 2015

For my internship at Axendo I attended the event Congrestival . We demonstrated a new Kinemoto application where visitors could create a digital postcard. The postcard is created by cutting out the user like with a greenscreen and adding various visual elements to it.

Came back from Xiamen

An amazing half year passed by in the blink of an eye, but alas I am back in the Netherlands once again. This past half year I spent my days doing a project for Check-IT together with Chinese students from Xiamen University. My group worked on a game called Garden Escape. Garden Escape is a […]

Going to China

On the 21th of February I will throw myself in the deep, and take the plane to Xiamen! Xiamen is a small place near the sea in China’s Fujian province. From then on I will spend a whole semester doing a project with students from Xiamen University. At the information days we got a few […]