Prove IT

Project – Prove IT
Time Span –
1 Semester
Worked directly with:
S. Groothuis, B. Roding, P. Gelaudie, E. Schmitz
Other Team Members:
J. Gunputsing(Team Manager), D. Weijgertse, A. Faber F. Barten, J. Brandsma, S. Groot, T. Hoogeveen, T. Veltmuis & 1 other

This Project lets students from all the different disciplines within the HvA work together on various different ICT projects. The complete team contained 14 students and was managed by an It Management student. During this Semester I worked on a website with information on various Game Mechanics and a digital version of the Wheel of Fortune.

Game Mechanics website:
Wikipedia style website meant to find various mechanics used in games. Developed in-house for J. Dormans. Aside from the website a lot of small prototypes were developed to showcase the various mechanics.

Wheel of Fortune:
Unity3D game that generates a random number and plays an animation that shows the generated number. Includes an option to only generate unique numbers.